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Gift Card Questions and Answers
  Q. I bought an Oakdale Mall Gift Card. Where can I use it?
A. Oakdale Mall gift cards are good at all participating stores in the mall; visit the Mall office for a list of stores. The gift card cannot be used outside the Mall. If you have a question or problem regarding redeeming your gift card, you or a merchant can call the Merchant Support Number on the back of the card (866-755-2974) for assistance.

Q. Is there a fee when I purchase a gift card?
A. Yes, there is a $1.00 issuance fee when purchasing a Oakdale Mall Gift Card.

Q. Can my gift card be replaced if lost or stolen?
A. Yes, we have the ability to cancel and replace lost or stolen gift cards provided we have enough information about the original transaction. If your card is lost or stolen, the Mall needs to be able to verify the balance remaining on the card in order to issue you a new one. If the balance is reduced by transactions, we can cancel the old card, but we can only issue your new card for the amount remaining on your lost or stolen card once we verify its balance. To verify a balance, we would need to know the card number. Be sure and keep a record of your gift card number somewhere. (Or you can contact the purchaser of the card if you did not purchase it, and ask if they have a receipt, which shows the number of the card).

Q. Does the Mall charge a fee to issue me a replacement card if my card is lost or stolen?
A. Yes, there is a $2.00 processing fee to replace a lost or stolen gift card.

Q. Does my Mall gift card expire?
A. No, your gift card does not expire, and there is no monthly dormancy fee.

Q. Can my card be reloaded with additional funds?
A. No, the Mall gift cards cannot be loaded with additional funds at this time.

Q. I have "paper" Mall gift certificates. Will your merchants accept those?
A. No, paper mall gift certificates are not valid and can not be exchanged for a mall gift card. The mall merchants can not accept them as a form of any payment.

Q. Can I purchase gift cards in bulk, such as for a corporate order?
A. Yes, please contact the mall office to request bulk purchase information.

Q. How do I check the balance on my card?
A. You can check the balance on your card at any time simply by calling 800-755-0085 or going to You must know your card number.

Q. I'm trying to use multiple gift cards at a store and they have told me they can't accept them. What are my options?
A. Most stores have the ability to do a "split transaction" where they can accept more than one form of payment. If you have more than one gift card to spend in a store, you can have your transactions broken up into smaller increments, so the merchant rings separate transactions for each card. Another option is to use your gift cards as payment for a store gift card. If a store refuses to do this for some reason, bring your gift cards to Customer Services and they can transfer both amounts onto a new gift card and re-issue you a single card in place of your multiple cards.

Q. The amount on my gift card is less than the total amount of my purchase. What can I do to be able to use my gift card to pay for part of the purchase?
A. Most stores' Point of Sale systems are set up to handle multiple forms of payment, or "split transactions." If, for example, your purchase totaled $100, but you only had a $60.75 balance on your gift card, you would first need to advise the store associate of the exact balance of your card (to the penny). Call 800-755-0085 if you need help with this, for a recorded message that gives you the card balance. Next, advise the store associate to ring up a "split transaction." Tell the sales associate how you will pay for the difference between the purchase price and the balance on the card (in this case, an additional $39.25). Let's say you are going to pay cash for the difference. You would give the merchant $39.25 in cash, and then give them the gift card which they will swipe for the remaining $60.75 due on the purchase. (When accepting multiple forms of payment, the merchant should always swipe the Mall gift card last).

Q. I just received this gift card and it has a balance listed on the back, but when I try to use it, the card is declined. When I called to get a balance, the recording tells me I have a "$0" balance. What happened?
A. Take the card to the Mall Office where an associate can verify that the card is a part of their current inventory and should have been activated. It is helpful to know when the card was purchased, so if you have that information, please provide it.


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