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A walk through the Mall can do more good than you ever imagined. Walking is one of the best workout choices for all around health and fitness. Mall walking offers the same health benefits as walking outdoors, without the heat and humidity of summer or the cold and snow of winter.

Come join the crowd...
  Start at any entrance of the Mall and walk ONE lap around the inside perimeter to complete a 3/4 mile circuit. Please do not jog or run inside the Mall.

Doors open at 7:00 AM
Monday through Saturday
and Sunday at 8:00 AM for Mall Walkers


Did you know...
Walking is one of the best workout choices for all around health and fitness.
A 150 lb. person can burn up to 350 calories walking briskly for one hour at 4mph.
Walking can lower blood pressure and help raise levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL) - the "good" Cholesterol.
Walking can strengthen bones and help prevent osteoporosis.
Walking can lower blood sugar and insulin levels, reducing the risk of diabetes.


Tuesday, February 5
AARP Income Tax Filing
Friday, March 1
Girl Scout Cookie Sale
Friday, March 1
Race Car Show
Monday, March 4
Music In Our Schools
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